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Water Recycling

Water Recycling

Good for the environment.
Good for your balance sheet.
Good for your image.

Water is a precious and expensive resource. Using innovative solutions from WashTec allows you to re-use virtually your entire waste water. This in turn enables you to save money whilst actively helping to preserve the environment. At the same time, you also comply with the legal requirements regarding water conditioning.

All WashTec water conditioning facilities are optimally adjusted for use in conjunction with WashTec washing technology and Auwa chemicals.

AquaPur Modular

AquaPur Modular:

Compact, cost-effective, expandable.

  • Modular design

  • Filter capacity and service water reservoir can be flexibly expanded

  • Wide range of options for customisation

  • For gantry car washes, commercial vehicle washes and short conveyor tunnels

Gravel filter MF

Gravel filter MF:

Efficient for high washing volumes.

  • Extra powerful for conveyor tunnel systems and commercial vehicle washing systems with high washing volumes.

  • Reliable, easy-to-operate and maintenance-friendly. 

Water recycling: Inspired by nature and driven by innovation.

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