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Gravel filter MF

Gravel filter MF

Highly efficient for
high washing volume.

High washing volumes at conveyor tunnel systems and commercial vehicle washing systems pose special challenges in terms of the water conditioning. Gravel filters MF are extra efficient and allow up to 85% of the wash water to be reused. They are reliable and very low maintenance. An investment that pays for itself quickly thanks to low operating costs.

Kiesfilter MF

Gravel filter MF

   Your advantages:

  • The water quality complies in all values with the specification for vehicle washing.

  • Your investment quickly pays for itself by lowering your operating costs.

  • High recycling rate of up to 85%.

  • Low maintenance.

  • High reliability.

  • Easy to use.

  • Suitable for every application thanks to modular design.

   Ideal for operators who:

  • Require a highly efficient water conditioning system for conveyor tunnel systems and commercial vehicle washes.

  • Have a high washing volume.

  • Appreciate low maintenance, high reliability and ease of use.

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