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The perfect addition
for your car wash business.

Harness all the opportunities of a car wash business by offering your customers a comprehensive range of additional services.

PCL's "Multi"

PCL‘s “Multi” offers an opportunity for forecourts to provide a wide range of services to their customers including tyre inflation, water/screen wash, vacuum and fragrance all in one user friendly cabinet. The“Multi” is specifically designed for forecourts and commercial sites, and can be tailored to the forecourts individual requirements offering a unique cost-effective package.

PCL's "Multi"

Utilising a robust stainless steel cabinet as standard that can be bolted to the ground, the units can include:

· Latest air unit with digital inflation technology, touch buttons and integrated reels

· Water and screen wash unit with integrated reel

· Power vacuum for trouble-free use and fast cleaning and with its bagless technology is simple to install, use and maintain

· Fragrance module with fragrance gun and 3m armoured hose

· A range of payment methods, cashless, coin and token All services available within the one housing ensuring the unit packs a punch while offering proportional price control between the functions allowing customers to swap during vend.

Model Options

Revenue / customer service generation opportunities - Free air or coin, token, cashless payment options

· Full Multi – Inflator, Vacuum, Screenwash (or Water), Fragrance

· Semi – Inflator, Vacuum and either Screenwash (or Water) or Fragrance

· Dual – Inflator and Vacuum

· Graphical design – on application

Links & Downloads

Sterners Multi Service 4000

Sterners MULTI SERVICE 4000 offers an opportunity for forecourts to provide service functions for vacuum, air, water and fragrance.

For best quality MULTI SERVICE 4000 comes in stainless steel.

Sterners Multi Service 4000


A superstrong vacuum system for efficient car cleaning. Choose between powerful single-phase or three-phase turbine motor.




Service for air and water with hose reels for convenient hose handling



One scent fragrance hose operated.


• Hose arm/ spring for vacuum

• Electronic air filler for air

• Hose arm/spring for fragrance

• Installed air compressor

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