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All good things come in threes.
Best of all in one shampoo.

ShampooTecs is the best performance special shampoo for car washes and guarantees outstanding washing results. Thanks to its sophisticated composition of high-quality raw materials, it ensures unbeatable cleaning and foaming performance. Due to its high proportion of effective detergents and wetting ability, it achieves excellent results when cleaning all types of dirt, not just the car, but also the washing materials remain clean at all times with ShampooTecs.



Product properties:

  • Highly alkaline best performance special shampoo for car washes

  • Reduces the build-up of odours in the wash water

  • Shampoo, foam performance and pre-cleaning in one product

  • Outstanding cleaning performance on all types of dirt

  • Optimum foaming helps our care products produce a perfect high gloss finish

  • All types of washing materials are kept clean at all times

  • Suitable for any quality of water

  • Also suitable for car washes with physical water conditioning facilities, e.g. sand filter

Technical data:

  • Consumption per vehicle: 5–10 ml

  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 13

  • Recommended reaction time:max. 60 sec.

Available packaging:

  • 10 kg canister

  • 25 kg canister

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