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Power combo ShineTecs & ShieldTecs

Best shine meets best protection.

Used individually, both washing products have a brilliant effect. When used together they are twice as convincing – delivering the best shine and the best protection.

A car that shines like new – and which is well protected against environmental influences. Who wouldn‘t want that? Make this wish come true with the combined power of ShineTecs and ShieldTecs.

Twice as strong together.

Power combo ShineTecs & ShieldTecs


the product for permanently more shine.

The advantages of ShineTecs®:

- Permanently more shine
- Sensational ‘shine & repair’ effect
- High-gloss polish in automatic car washing

Shine with ShineTecs® – how it works:


In everyday traffic, the surfaces of the car paintwork pick up microscopically fine indentations. The reflectivity of the paintwork diminishes and so does the shine.

When washing with ShineTecs, these micro-dents get filled in. Repeating this process intensifies the ShineTecs effect, i. e. the gloss layer becomes even thicker with each subsequent wash. The car’s paintwork shines like new again!

The advantages of ShineTecs®


the product for long-lasting protection.

The advantages of ShieldTecs®:

- Long-lasting paintwork protection
- Sensational beading effect
- Unique high-end polymer

Protection with ShieldTecs® – how it works:

ShieldTecs‘ unique OMP technology contains a high-end polymer that is applied as a protective layer during the car wash like a second skin over the paintwork.

This protects the paintwork all-over from harmful environmental influences such as UV radiation, insects and acid rain. You can experience this through the sensational beading effect.

 The advantages of ShieldTecs®
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