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MaxiWash Vario Space & Speed

MaxiWash Vario Space & Speed

Space-saving plus clean results with time advantage.

A combination of a drive-through and gantry system for clean results: In the first step, the two side brushes and a roof brush clean the front of the vehicle including mirror bypass. Subsequently, the gantry moves behind the mirrors and continues washing. From here, the driver drives the vehicle through the wash until the rear is reached and stops. At this point, the entire rear end is cleaned, thus completing the wash. It is an interaction between the gantry and the driver – which delivers time gains and flexibility for different vehicle lengths.

Commercial vehicle wash MaxiWash Vario Space & Speed

Commercial vehicle wash MaxiWash Vario Space & Speed

   Your advantages:

  • Less than 4 minutes per wash including mirror bypass.

  • Flexible usage for all vehicle lengths and with limited space.

  • Customisable – by means of elements such as spraying arches, high-pressure arches, underbody wash.

   Ideally suited for:

  • increased throughput, e.g. for transport companies and hauliers.

  • limited space.

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