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"Motorists still expect to see car washes/ jet washes on a petrol station. In order to meet that expectation we had to give our offer a modern twist with newer machines and an update of all the facilities."

Sunil Tandon, managing director Park Garage Group

Gantry car washes
Conveyor tunnel system
Self-service car washes
Commercial vehicle washing systems
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WashTec: world leaders in the car wash business.

The company WashTec is a world market and innovation leader in car wash technology. WashTec supplies car washes that cater to every need and requirement, from gantry car washes to conveyor tunnel systems and self-service car washes through to commercial vehicle washing systems such as truck washes. WashTec was founded in 2000 as a result of the merger between California Kleindienst and Wesumat AG. Today, the company has its headquarters in Augsburg and employs over 1.700 persons in more than 80 countries, most of whom are proven experts for car wash technology.

40,000 car washes worldwide

Some 40,000 car washes from WashTec are in use around the world, in which more than two million vehicles are washed every day. These figures make WashTec the market leader of the car wash industry. WashTec is represented with subsidiaries in the core markets of Europe and the U.S., in China and the Czech Republic. Added to this is a large number of independent distributors and an extensive service network with over 600 technicians of their own in Europe and 300 technicians working for sales partners.

Innovation leaders for car washes

WashTec is not only a world market leader, but also a leading innovator in the car wash industry. The list of innovations ranges from the invention of the gantry car wash through to the ongoing development of the equipment used in conveyor tunnel systems, commercial vehicle washing systems/truck washes and self-service car washes. From innovative digital solutions through to new products in the field of washing chemicals. All WashTec innovations are consistently geared to the ever-changing needs of customers and operators of car washes.

The latest car wash innovations from WashTec

The latest innovations from WashTec include for example the flexible MultiFlex side washing system for gantry car washes. Or the TecsLine best performance cleaning chemicals, which can be used in gantry car washes, conveyor tunnel systems, truck washes and self-service car washes. The innovative SelfTecs concept for self-service car washes makes it possible for washing and polishing to be performed in a single programme step. With innovations such as these, WashTec is constantly driving car wash technology ahead.

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