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Steel work

Steel work

Modular and flexible –
the attractive steelwork
design from WashTec.

The steelwork of WashTec wash cubicles affords plenty of scope for architectural design. It has a modular design for optional extensions and can be customised to your specific needs. Whether steelwork "Compact" or steelwork "Design", you convey a sophisticated and attractive image to your customers with carefully designed washing bays. WashTec assists you with the planning and concept design of a new site and its equipping.

Steel work

Steelwork "Compact"

Steelwork "Compact" from WashTec is the purpose-built, purist and low-cost solution – with smart detailed features and outstanding washing performance. 

Steelwork "Design"

Available in a range of roof designs and various colours, WashTec steelwork "Design" affords virtually unlimited scope for architectural design.

Steel work

   Your advantages:

  • Modular, optionally extendible washing bays.

  • Attractive design variants.

  • Long service life.

  • Unique and unmistakable image in the competitive arena.

Steel work

   Equipment details:

  • Integrated lance and brush holder: Easy maintenance and modern appearance.

  • Glass partitions for open-plan look.

  • Washing bays with or without a roof as open-air washing bays for trucks and mobile homes.

  • Dead-end or drive-through design.

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