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A brilliant idea with repair effect.

How the ShineTecs repair effect works: New car paintwork is extremely smooth and shiny. However, in everyday traffic, the surface picks up tiny microscopically fine indentations, preventing the light from reflecting to its maximum effect. The paintwork dulls. When washing with ShineTecs, any unevenness is filled in with a protective layer, which remains on the paintwork for a long time. With each wash, the new protective layer becomes thicker and the car paintwork soon gleams like new again.



Product properties:

  • Best performance high gloss foam polish with paintwork 'repair' function

  • Unique protective formula for a deep, long-lasting shine

  • Strengthens the protective layer with each wash

  • Assists drying due to its beading effect

  • Suitable for all types of water conditioning systems

  • Pleasant jasmine fragrance

Technical data:

  • Consumption per vehicle: 20–40 ml

  • pH-value in concentrate: approx. 8

Available packaging:

  • 10 kg canister  

  • 25 kg canister  

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