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Innovation: ShieldTecs® – the second skin for the paintwork

Innovation: ShieldTecs® – the second skin for the paintwork.

Innovation: ShieldTecs® – the second skin for the paintwork

Augsburg, May 2018 – Ahead of its time: The name AUWA stands for innovative vehicle cleaning and care products for professionals. With its new high-end polymer ShieldTecs, AUWA sets new standards and achieves unprecedented surface sealing. Thanks to the unique OMP technology, ShieldTecs protects the paintwork like a second skin and keeps aggressive environmental influences such as insects, UV rays and acid rain away from it. This enables operators to offer their customers the best care for their cars whilst increasing sales.

ShieldTecs is the latest development from AUWA and part of the Best Performance TecsLine, which stands like no other for the very best quality for all process steps in car washing and bears the Proven Performance quality seal. The ShieldTecs formula is based on a completely new approach with advanced OMP technology. OMP stands for "organic modified polymer" and ensures optimum paintwork protection as well as an impressive deepening of the colour. ShieldTecs not only preserves the paintwork surface, but also ensures sustainable long-lasting protection, which is steadily increased with regular use. The high-end polymer ShieldTecs is rounded off with a pleasant cranberry fragrance.

"Anyone who wants to shine in front of their customers with intensive paintwork protection and boost their sales at the same time, will find ShieldTecs the perfect choice for the best protection and fast drying," explains Christoph Maletz, Head of the Business Unit Chemicals and Water Treatment. "Measurements in the AUWA laboratory showed the product to have a very high contact angle. This contact angle is a measure of the extremely rapid dispersal of the water film as well as the hydrophobic, i.e. water-repellent property of the surface. The larger this angle, the better the beading effect. Thanks to this unique beading effect, ShieldTecs achieves fast and effective drying results in automatic car washes as well as long-lasting protection."

This is how operators increase their sales: by using ShieldTecs, it is possible to increase the conveyor speed of the tunnel systems, for example, which in turn leads to greater throughput per hour and thus to more sales. The instantly noticeable deepening of the colour impresses end customers, promoting lasting customer loyalty. This enables operators of a car wash facility to achieve higher prices and thus improved margins. ShieldTecs also delivered an utterly convincing performance in intensive tests involving different sites and types of car washes. "Both I as the operator and my car wash customers were impressed by the high quality, the unique beading effect and the long-lasting surface protection," said Konstantin Gomer, Waschwelt Augsburg. Impress your customers now with the advanced paintwork protection ShieldTecs.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Brenner (Head of Marketing & Sales Support)
Phone: +49 821 55 84-12 89
Email tbrenner[at]

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