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Highlights gantry car washes

Highlights gantry car washes

Large selection of innovations.

Discover further highlights for a successful wash business. WashTec is presenting innovations tailored to the wide-ranging business concepts and needs of customers. With a clear strategy and focus on maximum customer benefit!

FoamTastic – the end-to-end foam experience.

With FoamTastic, you combine a perfect application of foam on the vehicles with a real show experience for your customers. An effective, colourfully illuminated foam catches customers’ attention, increases the attractiveness of your station and in doing so generates in additional sales. FoamTastic covers vehicles all over in a blanket of foam, even in draughts. The FoamTastic unit is mounted on the lowerable, contour-tracking FlexStream roof dryer. The chemicals are applied as foam threads close up to the vehicle – with high precision and extremely effectively. An additional LED lighting system delivers a sensational, colourful wash experience for your customers.

FoamTastic – the end-to-end foam experience

The show effect in your car wash:

  • Even after prolonged breaks, FoamTastic generates perfect foam very quickly.

  • Competitive advantage: FoamTastic delivers perfect foaming action and boosts the attractiveness of your station.

  • Greater sales opportunities: FoamTastic justifies higher average wash prices.

  • Retrofit option available: Separately available unit for gantry car washes.

  • Perfect foam even in draughts: Consistent foam application with open wash bay door or outdoor installation.

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StarTrack – illuminated guide rails.

Show your customers the way, and enhance their experience before they even enter the car wash: the colour-illuminated StarTrack guide rails increase the attractiveness of your car wash and help to facilitate the correct positioning of your customers’ vehicles into the car wash.

StarTrack – illuminated guide rails

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StarTrack guide rails:

The best-looking path into the car wash.

  • A more attractive car wash experience: the LED illumination attracts attention and creates a unique lighting atmosphere during the washing process.

  • An entry and positioning aid: various illumination patterns and colours guide your customer safely through the entire process.

  • Effective rim protection: high quality stainless steel rails with an angled profile cross-section offer effective protection against wear.

  • Competitive advantage: StarTrack increases the overall appeal of your location making it a real attraction for customers – particularly in combination with FoamSensation.

LightShow – true lighting sensation.

Your customers have never experienced a car wash quite like this: the LED lighting highlights each step of the wash process in superb style. This not only looks impressive, but also increases the appeal of your car wash and therefore attracting customers.

LightShow – true lighting sensation


For a spectacular lighting experience.

  • Spectacular washing experience: Highlight all the wash process steps in superb style during automatic car washing in gantry car washes.

  • Transparent wash process: The changing colours and use of special lighting effects distinguish the individual steps in the wash process from each other and make car washing a real experience.

  • Greater desirability: The LED lighting impresses car wash customers and draws in customers from far and wide.

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WheelFlash – precision chemical application.

WheelFlash is based on the WheelJet and also enables the precise and area-wide application of chemicals to the rims. This ensures high gloss in every design. Once the front and rear wheels have been automatically detected, the wheel washer first moves into position to determine the optimum distance of the nozzle that homes in on the rim. This is followed by the loss-free and targeted application of the chemicals.


For perfectly cleansed rims.

  • The spray angle and amount of chemicals are always perfectly adjusted - completely automatically.

  • The necessary application time is achieved by wetting the rims right at the beginning of the wash programme, thus ensuring suitable pre-treatment prior to the actual cleaning with the wheel washing brush and high pressure.

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WheelJet – reliably cleansed rims.

The WheelJet wheel washer reliably cleans both large and small rims. The diagonal infeed always overlaps in the centre and even gets 21" wheel rims spotlessly clean. WheelJet is advanced towards the vehicle diagonally and from above with an extended stroke. As a result, the WheelJet rotating brushes always find the optimal starting point in the centre of the wheel - irrespective of the vehicle dimensions.


The wheel washer for every rim.

  • With large wheels and a wide wheelbase, such as on an SUV, the WheelJet washers make precise contact further outside and higher than on a small vehicle.

  • The wheel washing process is supported by the "pulse" technique. This involves the wheel washers dropping back briefly from the rim, so that the brush fitting can be realigned, allowing maximum cleaning force to be applied on resuming washing.

FlexStream – The multi-function rotating roof jet.

FlexStream is a multi-function rotating roof jet that takes care of chemical application, high-pressure washing and drying. Thanks to 360° rotation, it achieves highly effective results.

FlexStream – The multi-function rotating roof jet


The infinitely rotatable multi-function roof nozzle.

  • The proximity of the FlexStream to the vehicle contour increases the performance of the chemical application, high pressure and drying.

  • The FlexStream is fully rotatable, allowing it to deliver the necessary precision. Being swivel-mounted, the unit ensures that the chemicals are applied at the optimum 90° angle to the vehicle surface - even very low down, on the hard to reach front and rear sections of the car.

  • The smart design prevents dripping during the chemical application and high pressure stages.

Wash&Pay – Drive in. Clean the car. Then pay.

With Wash&Pay, getting the car washed is just like refuelling. The customer drives directly into a free gantry and can pay conveniently either during or after the car wash process, saving time and eliminating the need to get out and in unnecessarily.

Wash&Pay – Drive in. Clean the car. Then pay


The revolutionary payment concept.

  • There are fewer gaps between washes than before, therefore permitting more vehicle washes in the same period.

  • The facility is used to greater effect, thus increasing the potential for selling more washes.

  • The price display supports the conventional process with the live image from the wash bay indicating the remaining time of the current wash, prompting spontaneous decisions from customers at the till to use the car wash.

  • Customers can constantly keep track of which phase of the washing process their vehicle is currently in. They no longer have to wait outside the car wash in the wind and weather for their vehicles to be cleaned. Customers are more likely to use the petrol station shop for a spot of spontaneous shopping.

Drive-In – Remain comfortably seated in your car.

Buy your ticket, drive in, wash, job done! With the Drive-In Car Wash concept, customers remain comfortably seated in their cars during the wash. After buying their wash ticket in the shop, the customer drives up to the Drive-In operator terminal in front of the car wash with their vehicle just like in a multi-storey car park. After selecting the required wash, the customer decides by pressing a button on a clearly laid out touch screen whether they wish to remain seated in their vehicle during the wash or choose, in the conventional way, to wait outside the car wash. If the customer selects the Drive-In option, the screen first displays information about the operating and safety rules for vehicle preparation and the procedure. Once the driver has made all necessary preparations and read and understood the operating instructions, they confirm this in order to subsequently enter the car wash bay.

Drive-In – Remain comfortably seated in your car

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Better comfort during the car wash:

  • Because drivers no longer have to get out and back into their vehicles, this reduces the waiting time between washes. This can mean up to 17% more capacity at peak times, resulting in more profit.

  • Since your customers already select their wash while the previous wash is still in progress, the changeover times are reduced. This is supported by selection of the wash from the vehicle.

  • On sounding the vehicle horn, the car wash immediately halts the washing process and automatically retracts the brushes from the vehicle.

  • The width control facility ensures that washing only commences when the vehicle is correctly positioned.

  • Altogether, more safer for the driver: Since it is no longer necessary to get out of and back into the vehicle, drivers no longer have to walk through the car wash bay on an often very wet and slippery floor, where there is often also a greater risk of slipping.

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