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Green Car Care

Green Car Care

We set standards - so that you have sustainable success.

"Would you like the best washing performance? Or would you rather be environmentally friendly? Preferably both."

Highly effective, highly environmentally friendly, highly resource-saving: AUWA washing chemistry impresses with the best, uncompromising performance - both in terms of washing quality and environmental responsibility. To achieve this, we consistently improve the composition of our washing chemicals. Step by step, all of our AUWA products will meet these standards - clearly exceeding the legal requirements and, so far, we’re the only ones to do so in the professional car wash market.

This has positive effects for both you and our environment. What changes for you? You can recognise our AUWA car wash chemicals with the new formulation by the new look with a green label, no product colour and in many cases new fragrances.

Best washing performance

Our experts have tested our AUWA chemicals and revised them according to performance and environmentally friendly criteria. With over 50 years of experience and our application knowledge, we have further optimised the formulations, including:

• Environmentally friendly products - particularly easily and quickly degradable

• High-quality and selected ingredients – to protect people and the environment

• Powerful and gentle at the same time - best cleaning and efficiency with maximum environmental and material compatibility.

• Cleverly packaged - ecologically sensible transport packaging

Best sustainable performance

All AUWA formulations meet the strictest green criteria and are well above the legal requirements.

• Biogenic-based surfactants in mass balance quality

• No use of ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment, such as NTA, halogen acids, mineral oils and SVHC elements.

• Avoidance of non-essential raw materials such as dyes, polyphosphates and microplastics

• Efficient, environmentally friendly production processes

• High concentrates for optimised consumption

Green Car Care
Green Car Care

TecsLine - Independently tested, sustainably good

Our TecsLine formulations and production processes are regularly

tested by the renowned SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH and carry our

"Green Car Care" eco-label.

Green Car Care - the eco-label for sustainability

With our own eco-label "Green Car Care", you are guaranteed to get the

best wash chemistry - leading in wash performance and sustainability.

Green Car Care
Green Car Care

With the revised AUWA products you have the best sales reasoning: Show that you understand your customers' wishes with Green Car Care. And use our innovative washing chemistry for sustainable business success.

Green Car Care

Independently verified: SGS Institut Fresenius GmbH, for example, continuously checks our "TecsLine" product line. So with Green Care Care, you have a completely sustainable cleaning product range. Of course, combined with the best washing performance of the market leader.

AUWA Green Car Care

AUWA Green Car Care


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