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Gantry car wash SoftCare² Takt

Gantry car wash SoftCare² Takt

Washing and drying.
Both at the same time.

Two gantries in series allow two vehicles to be washed and dried in parallel. This enables you to wash up 20 vehicles an hour – and avoid waiting times for your customers.

SoftCare² Takt

SoftCare² Takt
SoftCare² Takt

   Your advantages:

  • Look after two vehicles at the same time.

  • Fast vehicle washing: up to 20 vehicle washed per hour.

  • First-class washing and drying results – fast, gentle and effective.

  • Maximum return – thanks to high throughput and very low maintenance.

   Equipment details:

  • Two gantries in series.

  • Sales driving additional options such as underbody wash, care and preservation programmes, wheel wash with integrated high pressure, etc.

  • SofTecs – complete SofTecs equipping for gentle cleaning.

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