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Clean cars – clean environment – with AUWA washing chemicals
Clean cars – clean environment – with AUWA washing chemicals

Clean cars – clean environment – with AUWA washing chemicals

Green is better. For you. For your customers. For the environment.

Highly effective, environmentally friendly and resource-efficient: AUWA has further developed and optimised its car wash chemicals in relation to the environmental aspects. With this, AUWA proves that committed environmental protection and perfect washing performance go hand in hand. AUWA chemicals set the standards for professional and sustainable car washing in the market. Would you like the best washing performance? Or would you rather be environmentally friendly? Preferably both. AUWA car wash chemicals deliver the best, uncompromising performance – in terms of wash quality and environmental compatibility. To achieve this, we consistently improve the formulation of our wash chemicals.

Environmental and climate protection are the greatest challenges of our time. And people rightly expect companies to take responsibility and do their bit. AUWA has always set ambitious goals and developed innovative sustainable solutions and products. With the reformulation of its washing chemicals, AUWA is resolutely taking this step further – as a pioneer in the industry. Christoph Maletz, Head of Product Unit Chemicals / Water Treatment stated: "We have delved deep into the formulas, to satisfy the strictest "green" criteria and are well above the legal requirements."

Even greener, even better

All products have been tested by AUWA experts and reformulated according to environmentally friendly criteria. Whether more easily biodegradable, even more economical in use, even more resource-efficient: all AUWA formulations have been adapted to these parameters. Combined with the best wash performance from the market leader. What is more, all research and production processes have also been put to the test and made sustainable. AUWA sets the highest standards for itself and establishes its own sustainability criteria – which are significantly higher than the legal requirements – and will show this in future on all products with its own eco-label "AUWA Green Car Care". The best-performance "TecsLine" products, which set standards in the industry, are also continuously checked by INSTITUT SGS FRESENIUS for compliance with these sustainability criteria.

The result: AUWA washing chemicals combine the best washing quality and leading environmental compatibility.

Quality that end customers expect

With the reformulated AUWA products, car wash operators also have the best sales arguments. Because today, more than ever, customers expect sustainable, environmentally friendly choices when it comes to car washing. AUWA supports car wash operators with dedicated marketing and communication measures. Christoph Maletz, Head of Product Unit Chemicals / Water Treatment: "Our washing chemicals set the benchmark: Proven Performance meets Green Car Care."

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